Workplace and personal Safety

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Ensuring Personal Safety and Security in Various Work Environments

This guide focuses on essential safety and security considerations, whether working alone, remotely, or in a public-facing role.

Safety When Working Alone

  • Always keep a means of communication like a mobile phone or radio handy.
  • Ensure others are aware of your location and schedule.
  • Be aware of security protocols to avoid being locked in.
  • Have emergency contact numbers readily available.

Night-time Safety Considerations

Implementing security lighting and CCTV can enhance safety when working at night, particularly when commuting to your vehicle.

Remote Work Safety

Health and safety considerations at your primary workplace apply equally when working remotely:

  • Carry adequate first aid equipment and necessary tools.
  • Check mobile phone signals in new areas and inform someone about your whereabouts and expected return time.

Interacting with the Public

For roles involving public interaction, such as retail, having access to a panic button for emergencies is crucial for personal safety.

Vehicle Safety and Preparedness

When returning to your car, especially after dark:

  • Keep valuables secure and have keys ready for quick access to your vehicle.
  • Lock doors immediately upon entering and before starting the engine.

Proactive Security Planning

Always plan ahead for potential security risks:

  • Identify and prepare for possible emergency scenarios.
  • Keep a list of potential risks and strategies to mitigate them.
  • Report any personal security concerns to your manager promptly.